When You Know Better ~ You Can Do Better

YOU NEVER HEARD THE “LORD’S PRAYER” explained like this!


A guide to a right relationship with God, Man and the World


“The Lord’s Relationship Prayer is a fresh look into the prism of prayer. It is a valuable resource for all who have tucked away this prayer on the bottom shelf in the basement of their minds, a really good book for all levels of ministry."

                                                                                                                  Douglas H. Taylor, DD

                                                                 Senior Pastor, New Covenant Christian Church

“Booze’s depiction of a right relationship with God walks you right out of yourself and into the throne room of God”

                                                                                             Shereen Sherman, MSSA, LSW



“This book should be required reading and for meditation of every pastor and all parts of the ecclesia in the Body of Christ”.

                                                                                                                          Jessica Hennings

                                                                         Victorious Kingdom Global Faith Ministries