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To open up the mind to understand:

The necessity of Passion to find your purpose,

The power of Purpose to determine your life’s direction, and

The purpose of your dreams to give clarity to your Vision that brings dreams alive through,

The priority of Planning and the necessity of adaptability to every life circumstance.

         After taking this course you will learn how         (The Principals of the Game) help you to:

  • Envision a better future for yourself;
  • Establish relationships that work for you;
  • Navigate obstacles to your life's destination.
  • Acquire true wealth.
  • Reveal your life's purpose and consistently
  • Execute your Plans to obtain
  • A Life of Significance.


Leveling the Financial Playing Field with Guaranteed (PI) PASSIVE INCOME


In a World of Financial INSTABILITY it's good to know that there are still opportunities to STABILIZE your INCOME!

Give the average person the right information, you won't have to tell them what's best for them...


 The key is to imagine you’re at the beginning of a long-term building process. Financial security is a combination of insurance protection, and savings and investments that accumulate over time. 




 Inspirational Quotes from 

The Principals of the Game

replacing the king with your dream

Jimmie F. Booze,
Founder of C.H.E.S.S.


Honoring the Past

Respecting the Present

Sustaining the Future


Understanding the Struggle

Reaping the Reward

Continuing the Legacy 

The Principals of the Game of Life: Life Skills Lessons

Welcome! To the Game of Life!

  • Everybody has one, the question is; are you playing yours or someone else’s?  
  • Are you  living by  the conviction of your vision; or the fear of your failures .
  • Are you making decisions in life that reflect your passion for life?
  • Do you have a deep sense of your purpose in life?
  • Is the vision of your future vividly clear to you?
  • Do you have a plan that acts as your blueprint for making your dreams come true?

Answering these questions honestly, will help you understand why you are where you are in life right now. The “Principals of the Game” will allow you to correct your course and put you on the path to the island of your full potential, and/or, the island of your dreams.

Born to Rule ~ Kingdom Leadership Training

A King is not appointed but anointed.  They are not voted but noted; for the domain that's uniquely theirs.  Learn how to find the kingdom in you.

Finding Your Purpose

You've always heard that you need to know your purpose in life.  Learn Jimmie's P.P.V.P. {Passion, Purpose, Vision, Plan) formula for a successful life. 

Life Lessons


A Ship of our Own Choosing

  • Learn how to detect, select, and build a relationship that last. 

Can You “Relate” to the “Ship” You are in?

  • Learn how to reconcile a broken relationship.

Love is not a feeling

  • Learn the dynamics of real love in action.

The Construct of a Dynamic Life

  • Learn how to be the “Master Builder” of your own life.

How to Position Life's Opposition

Crisis Management:

The Positivity of Adversity

  • Learn how find triumph in every adversity.

The Illusion of Confusion

  • Learn that chaos is but disorganization of a strategic vision. And how a refocusing of priorities will bring all things back to order.

I Need a Problem to Solve

  • Learn how difficulties in life are necessary to find significance.


How it all began...

Born in 1956 in Cleveland, Ohio, Jimmie is number 7 of 11 children.  His mother and father Eddie & Annie Mae Booze, were raised  on southern plantations.  After moving north to Buffalo, NY., then Cleveland, Oh., they enjoyed a fruitful life together for 40+ years until Mr. Booze's death in 1995.   Mrs. Booze followed in death 10 years later, May of 2015. 

Jimmie has followed in their footsteps, having been married to his lovely wife Theresa for 40+ years as of this publication.  Jimmie is the Father of 3 lovely daughters, 2 step daughter, 4 grandchildren,  and 2 great grandchildren.

After choosing the streets of Cleveland over the schools of Cleveland at a young age; he joined the military, where he met and married his wife at the age of 21.  It was there he came face to face with his worse fears, the fear of going to prison.

He was arrested by the German police, on foreign soil for illegal drug possession. He now faced "double jeopardy" since he could've been re-tried by the Army for the same crime. At this time he was challenged by a deep spiritual encounter with God to do something he had not done in quite some time, tell the truth!

He trusted God in-spite of the fact that he was facing 5 to 10 years in a military prison.  After admitting the truth, God stepped in, and favor was shown him which resulted in his complete exoneration.   Not only did the German authorities drop all charges and defer to the Army, he only received 7 days restriction and 14 days extra duty from his Commander. His relationship with God was firmly established and he hasn't looked back since.

Since that time Jimmie has dedicated and led his life base on biblical kingdom principals for living a life of significance. He Pastured his first church at the age of 22 in Hanau, West Germany. After leaving the military in 1982, he continued to Pastor in Clarksville, TN., Cincinnati & Cleveland, Oh.

Having dropped out of high school at the age of 16, he went back and received his high school diploma while in the Army in Germany. He never received a college degree, but became self-educated in the financial service industry, receiving his Ohio Life Insurance License in 1984.  He also acquired his Property & Casualty License, as well as, his Series 6, 63 & 65 Investment Representative License.

He managed several Retail Banking Offices in the Cleveland area for different Corporate Banking Organizations, the largest which had $75 million dollar on deposit.  He's ran his own insurance General Agency and work as an Independent Investment Representative.

In 2000, Jimmie left the corporate world and went into full-time church ministry.  Jimmie & Theresa served as Executive and Administrative Pastors of their independently established community ministry.  They provided a wide range of community services to include Family, Marriage & Pre-Marital Counseling, Youth Summer Camps, State of Ohio 2-Star Daycare Services, Community Outreach, Grief Counselling, Financial Literacy and Tutoring just to name a few.

Jimmie is an Alum of the Cleveland Project Access, East Cleveland Concerned Pastors for Progress, Cleveland Apostolic Ministerial Alliance for Progress, Cleveland Mentoring Program and Neighborhood Leadership Development Program.

After about 15 years in Cleveland, Theresa's health was being adversely affected by the cold winters there.  They relocated to San Antonio, Texas in 2012.  Immediately after relocating, Theresa's health revived and they continued to thrive!  Amazing what just a change in climate can do!  They are official "Snow Birds" now...LOL

They are now pursuing ministry through C.H.E.S.S. Ministries, LLC.  Where they show people how to "Replace the King with their DREAM"!

Please take the time to check out the many services available.  From Motivational Speaker, Leadership Training, Life Skills & Financial Coaching, Mentoring; and much more.



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